Introducing new products and services to markets that have as of yet not had experience with those products is our expertise. The uniqueness of the various markets we services, both from the legal and operational aspects requires a specific knowledge base. Being in these markets for years, and having an insight into both the well regulated and more challenging markets, makes Twistmed uniquely suited to address these obstacles.

Twistmed engages in partnerships with scientific and business leaders pushing the boundaries towards the highest level of healthcare and medicine. Twistmed chooses products and services we represent and distribute with great care and dedication towards science, medicine and wellbeing.


Building and advancing knowledge on the subject matter, as well as raising awareness, both towards physicians and general public has been and is the approach we have taken in various markets. This has shown long-term sustainability and steady levels of performance, while at the same time providing a stable ground for leaps of advancement both of product and service provided.

Twistmed is able to adapt and evolve in sync with specific product and market needs. Twistmed marketing services are structured in such a way as to deliver the impact of knowledge, the impact that overcomes all other challenges.


“Foot on the ground” is not a mere expression for us. We strongly believe in personal contact with both the physicians and the patients. It requires a specific skill set and knowledge, making it a little “old school” at a time of very aggressive “new school” approaches.
We strongly believe that a human level of communication is the way forward, regardless of how advanced the products and services we provide are. It is a very specific tool in our arsenal.

Twistmed places value on relationships and communications with our clients, be they, professionals or patients. Twistmed field force is built of medical professionals, tailored to the products and services provided.