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Medicine from a twistmed perspective

TWISTMED /verb, ˈtwistmed/

to take an approach in medicine that is out of the ordinary, reflecting the current and future needs of health of one and of the many; being able to perceive and appreciate medicine from a perspective that is not in line with the common standards; having a bold and emblazoned touch to healthcare improvement.


TWISTMED is not a company, it is a different philosophy of medicine, healthcare, and well-being. All that we say and do reflects this. This is exactly our approach in selecting partnerships, collaborations, and products. This is the approach we take in working together.


TWISTMED is a way of life. A way of life that each and every one of us lives every day. It is all or nothing. If we are together, we are committed to it 101%.
Otherwise, it is beyond the realm of our concern.

Founders Twistmed


Years of working in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry teach you a lot, all one has to do is pay attention. Implementing that knowledge is what I have always wanted to do. Unconstrained and unburdened. TWISTMED is the product of that implementation.

TWISTMED is a bold and brave vision Vuk and I had when creating it. It makes no compromise to the excellence, and always aims to lead just like a lion.

TWISTMED really is a twist for your health, whether you are a patient, a medical doctor or a member of the industry. We observe and asses health, medicine, and science from all perspectives, even unconventional ones.
All for the sole purpose of bringing a professional solution to an evolving healthcare and medical ecosystem developing on a global scale.

This scale is not only of size but of materials and time, humanity has not seen before. This is a unique opportunity, one we and our partners intend to approach boldly and go places!

This journey has just begun……


VUK DEVRNJA MD, MSc. | Co Founder, CMO

When Boris and I started creating the idea of TWISTMED, one fact was at the core that later formed the foundation of what TWISTMED is: “out of the ordinary”.

Over the past years, while working at a clinic, then heading a private clinical diagnostics laboratory, and later while working in a corporate setting, I’ve noticed that even though those experiences have been different in their nature a common “ordinary” thread has ensured that they were bound together. A thread that meant medicine was estranged in it’s microcosm, a bit odd, a bit scary, quite inflexible, boring and monotonous.

Just like at that time, today I still find no reason for medicine and health to be all that. Most certainly, both the scientific & medical communities as well as the broader public are seeing this change.

We have built TWISTMED to be positioned at the spearhead of this paradigm shift. It is a living and breathing organism, evolving and adapting to this change. It will always be exactly like that. It will bring a twist to the perception of health and medicine, and it will not stop there.

We are here to move medical mountains.
Bridge seas of knowledge.
Intertwine the fabric of ideas.

What a beautiful time to live in, create, change, grow, evolve and twist!